So, I appeared as a guest speaker on my girlfriend’s radio show, feel free to listen to the podcast. I discussed Tegan and Sara and Against Me!, among others. 

Be sure to tune in guys! Midorineko and I will be discussing various bands such as Tegan and Sara and Against Me! today.

Radio Show at 1 PM EST today


So I’m broadcasting another episode today at 1 if any of you are interested. It’s the continuation of Queer represetation in media, this time in all aspects of music such as well known queer artists and queer friendly ones. I will be hosting and having a very special guest, my partner xkeepxrunningx on the show. So tune in please, id love for you guys to. I’ll be posting the link to listen in so keep an eye out on my blog!

That’s me guys, I’m going to be discussing bands such as Tegan and Sara and Against Me!, feel free to listen in.

you grow in my insides
hiding between the crevices 
buried in my youth.

I cannot let go of you.

The Transitional Verses IV

swallow the knot
well tied around your throat.

eyes dancing
among the burning coals.

that drips
withing the unspilled tears
in your brimming eyes.

the perception 
of being denied. 

Guess who’s writing chapter 14 of Clearly Loudly…

A message from Anonymous

Okay so a bunch of people are saying that the new instagram vid is just sisterly and supposed to be funny, but I call bull because dID YOU SEE SARA'S EYES!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT DILATED PUPILS AND WHISPERS MEAN!? DEAR GOD IM DYING.


"Another thing that causes pupil dilation is physical or psychological pleasure. When someone finds another person or thing attractive, the pupils dilate. In turn, that dilation is often found attractive by others. This is sometimes referred to as ‘bedroom eyes’ because of its sexual connotation."

It’s canon, guys.
They can’t admit it due to legal and social reasons, but it’s definitely canon. 

Attention: gender ID and gender expression don’t always coincide. This has been a public service announcement.

A commentary on woman’s bodily autonomy…

There is a key point which is constantly lost in translation when discussing a woman’s right to decide whether or not she wants to carry a pregnancy to term or not. This key point is the right to choose.

Abortion is much less about terminating a “potential life” and much more about a woman’s bodily autonomy. While pro-lifers make a constant point of upholding the rights of what they call a “baby”, I find it to be a social injustice against woman to deny them their rights to choose. Making the practice of abortion legal is not a flaw in a nation’s morality but a reinforcement of equal human rights, rights which no embryo or fetus have due to the fact that, well…they’re a multicellular diploid eukaryote, not a person.

While many people, both for and against abortion, are quick to discuss the reasons for why a woman would decide to have an abortion, I find it to be an unnecessary topic. There a million and one reasons to why a woman would choose to have an abortion, none of which are of society’s concern. While it’s true that rape victims only constitute 1% of  all abortions it is vital that this choice be available to them. Now, it is common to hear support on this matter, however, making a policy which states that only rape victims be allowed to abort creates a problematic situation. A rape victim is in enough distressed as it is, they do not need to be placed through regulations that force them to proof the injustice committed against them. Many other factors might then come into play in these regulations such as victim blaming, rape culture, and slut shaming.

Now, 12% of woman report health problems as a reasons for having an abortion, this summing up into 13% of all abortions being performed for “socially acceptable” reasons. However, the reasons should not be a topic of discussion, much less a determining factor when passing laws in favor of a woman’s right to choose. 

Uninformed individuals will make the claim that abortion is unsafe and unsanitary when this is not the case at all. Because it is a legalized procedure it is performed by health professionals, were we to pass laws against its practice we would be forcing woman to go back to the days of botch abortions and unsanitary practice. As a society it is our moral responsibility to respect the rights of all existing individuals, therefore, opposing the legal practice of abortion is an injustice committed against our fellow peers.

One’s personal stance should not hinder the legal human rights of another.






Hannibloom, taking “eating her out” to a whole new level

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