"Honestly, when I first joined the quindom, I held huge grudges and had a lot of anger over the already-situated cliques. It seemed like if you didn’t know the big three, you weren’t going to be known, either. Everything seemed already…

I, for another, don’t know who the three are but I get where the anon is coming from. It sucks, and we know you guys don’t intend it, so it’s in no way your fault, but there is this concept that a few number of people run the quindom. It feels like there is seniority within us. I always try to make new members feel welcome and try to participle in ways I can. But the fact is that there ARE popular people in the quindom. A lot of the ‘popular’ people take in a role of responsibility and leadership. And THATS the only reason it seems there’s a clique. For the point of view you both are taking is from the inside of this ‘clique’. Me, I’m in the outside group, so I understand the frustration and outcastes feeling. It’s NOT your faults but that’s how things have always worked within this fan base. It’s irritating, unfair, and annoying.

I can sympathize with both sides.
And perhaps I don’t have much of a say on this discussion, since I’ve barely updated Clearly Loudly and even though I do scroll through our tag I’m barely present. But I do see both sides. There are a number of people, not just three, that are rather well known in the quindom, whether it’s because of seniority or because they contribute to the fandom in some way. Which in a way, makes sense. 
The people who are usually more heard of and approached are all the active fanfic writers, artists, manip experts, etc. BECAUSE they contribute to the fandom and, usually, remain active. I, for one, have noticed that I’m usually approached when I update Clearly Loudly. And I’m not complaining but what I’m trying to get at is that if there is a member in the quindom who does not actively create something for others to enjoy…well, they aren’t usually approached. We tend to forget that there are so many other members in the quindom that, even if they do not actively and creatively participate, are still there. 
You know those people who liked your post? The one who liked the chapter update? The one who liked the sketch/ painting/ edit/ manip/ video/ theory? They’re a part of this too. We all need to remember to take a few moments of out time and reach out to those folks.
We are a family. We have our flaws, dysfunctionalities, and detachment episodes…but we ARE a family.

From: Someone who suffers from depression.
To: Significant other

I’m not trying to hurt you. I’m simply trying to protect us both.

omg my 9 year old brother just came in showing off his chocolate cake and says “I’m so lucky!” and .2 seconds later the cake slips from his hand onto the floor and the words “not anymore” slip out of my mouth and omg his eyes got so teary I am the worst sister ever


Circa Survive- Suitcase


Circa Survive- Suitcase

So, I appeared as a guest speaker on my girlfriend’s radio show, feel free to listen to the podcast. I discussed Tegan and Sara and Against Me!, among others. 

Be sure to tune in guys! Midorineko and I will be discussing various bands such as Tegan and Sara and Against Me! today.

Radio Show at 1 PM EST today


So I’m broadcasting another episode today at 1 if any of you are interested. It’s the continuation of Queer represetation in media, this time in all aspects of music such as well known queer artists and queer friendly ones. I will be hosting and having a very special guest, my partner xkeepxrunningx on the show. So tune in please, id love for you guys to. I’ll be posting the link to listen in so keep an eye out on my blog!

That’s me guys, I’m going to be discussing bands such as Tegan and Sara and Against Me!, feel free to listen in.

you grow in my insides
hiding between the crevices 
buried in my youth.

I cannot let go of you.

The Transitional Verses IV

swallow the knot
well tied around your throat.

eyes dancing
among the burning coals.

that drips
withing the unspilled tears
in your brimming eyes.

the perception 
of being denied. 

Guess who’s writing chapter 14 of Clearly Loudly…

A message from Anonymous

Okay so a bunch of people are saying that the new instagram vid is just sisterly and supposed to be funny, but I call bull because dID YOU SEE SARA'S EYES!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT DILATED PUPILS AND WHISPERS MEAN!? DEAR GOD IM DYING.


"Another thing that causes pupil dilation is physical or psychological pleasure. When someone finds another person or thing attractive, the pupils dilate. In turn, that dilation is often found attractive by others. This is sometimes referred to as ‘bedroom eyes’ because of its sexual connotation."

It’s canon, guys.
They can’t admit it due to legal and social reasons, but it’s definitely canon.